Smartest Person In the Room Theory

When growing up I often found myself being the smartest person in the room which often allowed me to be the best, at the top, get the pretty girl and essentially lead the group or atleast it seemed that way.. Up until maybe a year ago as I matured in age, received more education, more skill sets, more experiences it started to get irritating cause I felt as I stopped growing which is probably normal in life. I essentially started to stay to myself and do things alone cause I got tired of teaching and giving and feeling as though I wasn’t receiving anything in return. I understood that giving is the ultimate human experience yada yada yada but wasn’t always of equal value. Outside of my core lifelong friends I would have random friends here and there but either way never got me the results I was looking for whether it be social, economically and/or physically.

One day out of the blue, intuition or wisdom is what they call it similar to how my startup came about, I told myself hey let me go find some better more successful people. That’s been some cliche advice thats always thrown around. I mean that’s what I want right?

From that point I made it my mission to develop what I call some #SocialCurrency and wah-lah that was one of the things that started to change my thoughts about what people mean to a person growth.

I was invited to join a mentoring group that put me around fitness trainers for health now I run everyday. I decided to put myself around economically and fiscally sound individuals now I’m saving, investing and my income has increased. I decided to join the Atlanta Black Tech Ecosystem group and now I’m around cutting edge developers and brand developers. My point is that saying “If you are the smartest person in the room, your in the wrong room” is correct. The part that is often missed and what is not said and just as important. GO SEEK OUT ANOTHER ROOM!!!  Don’t get comfortable where your at. Life is a constant education so treat it as such.

I look forward now to taking the Social Currency approach to another level and putting myself around other individuals using the strategies and techniques that are used by some of the best. Subscribe to my email list to get bi-weekly tips on how to enhance your Social Currency and get the exchange you need to take it to another level.


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