Digital Assets – Distributing Social Currency


As I talked about before Social Currency and it’s elements and overall what it means in today’s world and the future.  Now I want to talk about the distribution methods through which Social Currency is channeled.

Content Management

  • E-Books – Why E-Books? Most E-Books are used to establish expertise, email data capture to establish relationships.
  • Blogs – There are several reasons for starting a blog that include. Some of which include: expressing thoughts or opinions, marketing or promoting a service, enjoyment and creativity and/or establishing yourself as an expert in your particular field.
  • Podcasts – which refer to the distribution of audio and video across the internet  and act as a close cousins to blogging. The great thing about podcasts is that its downloadable and has added value of a subscription service. Regular internet radio doesn’t allow that feature.

Consumer OutReach

Email List – Establishing a email list is one of the most important elements to distributing social currency and monetizing your message or product. Even if you don’t look to monetize your product/message, email addresses allow you to continuously lead people back to your site to view your information.

Social Media Channels – The main Social Media outlets include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. These Social media outlets are used for 3 primary reasons:

  • Building and Strengthing your Brand – Social media gives you the strongest and broadest opportunity to both find your target audience and engage in conversation with them. It opens the door that will allow you to shape how your  brand is viewed and also to leverage consumer opinion.
  • Driving Conversions – Social media encourages the purchasing  of products. It’s easy to also overlook some of the other most important assets such as subscribing to a newsletter and sharing content. All of which can be increase engagement and lead to potential conversions in the future.
  • Increasing and Monitoring Presence – Social media is all about the conversation. It’s the only place in the world where consumers talk to each other and companies can actually track, parse and follow-up on the information.

3 questions you want to ask when it comes to building your plan and monitoring your presence:

  • What’s being said about your product/service/brand?
  • What do you want them to say?
  • Who do you want them to say it to?

Overall these assets allow you to own your audience. You can’t build your audience on rented land such as Facebook and Google+. Well you can but ultimately they own the names and information and you use it. As you seek to own your brand sharing  your Social Currency and managing your Digital Assets will be important going forward.

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