Business Intelligence

To understand how you operate Hurd Consultants uses Business Intelligence to capture insights in unstructured data. Companies produce an abundance of data but not the expertise and technology to extract and analyze it. We help to establish process and procedures for leveraging this resource to enhance performance and profitability.

Our services include:
Identification of source data – Single or Multiple ERPs
Development of scripts to extract data
Design of the data repository (data mart or data warehouse) – can be a mirror of transaction or, preferably, a star-schema design
Development of scripts to transform and load the data into the repository
Setup of the BI presentation tool, pointing the system at the data warehouse (i.e. metadata)
Development of ERP reports, queries, analysis cubes, dashboards, and scorecards with the presentation tool
Development of the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) control logic
Creation of Development, Test, Production environments with migration facilities
Development Phases of Business Intelligence Development Projects

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