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So I’ve had a chance to mentor and speak with high school students over the past couple of years and I often see a common epidemic as I would call it going on that young people that they seem to think that the only choices we have out here is entertainment and sports and it kind of makes me think given the odds that’s not likely. I try not to ruin dreams and be a naysayer but I also like us to be realistic about our options as productive adults in life and going into adulthood. Let’s face it, the odds of being a professional in sports are slim to none but I’m all for the free education that comes along with it. I feel that younger adults make these choices due to lack of a clear perspective like myself at that age. SO I GET IT!  Anywhoo lets get into it. I want to breakdown and take a look a the key choices after high school and how it potentially affects your future. Keep in mind these are not the only choices but from my experience I can speak with a fair amount of certainty given the current state of life it’s not many outside of these starting out. All I’m asking after reading or listening to this is to make a CHOICE before you fall behind. When it all breaks down you have about 3-5 choices after high school. Lets break them down..



This was always my favorite thing to do, to figure it out to make my OWN way, to own something and to do things that I want to do all the time. Growing up I’ve always seen my uncles and older cousins hustle and have the nice cars, houses, women and the things that a young man desires. As I got older I begin to see and still see that is very few “Hustlers” when you get older.  It is a such thing is “Hustling Backwards”  and most times a hustle is a side job. Everyone seems to at some point get a job and even fewer ever end up owning anything. I always wondered why? Most times it’s because you neglected to develop the skills necessary to advance in life. Everyone preaches it, it seems from the music I hear to the people I look up to. I started to see that the one of the potential downfalls to hustling is that you can’t do it forever. It’s a young man’s game and a for one thing you can support a family on a Hustle. It’s not always for sure and it fluctuates. If you was to hustle you have to make sure you are able to wrap it into a business to sustain and stabilize yourself over time. What does the vision for your life look like? And depending on what that is you have to plan accordinally. Take a look at the Paper, Scissors, Rock concept for more information on this.



School after 12 years of school? Man what are you asking me to do might you ask? Well I’m going to highlight the benefits and maybe some of the cons that come along with school even though I can’t find many.  We have to do things like dispel the type of cliches going around like man I don’t know anyone who works in the field or they can’t even find a job. Well school can provide you with Career, Options, Trade, Skills, Network, Experience, Discipline, Critical Thinking skills that unless you read alot, have great idea or parents or family where you can get this information, your going to have to pay for it with time or resources.  These things are essential to financial success in life. One thing that you have to watch out is Student Debt or I call it Student Death with can strangle you later in life if your’re not careful about who and how much you actually borrow.



The Millitary is very similiar to school is my opinion it provides you potentially with the same type of choices that school presents you with but with a different spin. It could provide you with a means to travel the world, to meet new people and a vision. Cons of this choice is that you probably have to work on being told what to do and follow some more stringent rules. But being a more discplined person, I’m sure that would be good for alot of you out there. (Ha). Also given the current state of the world in 2017 in could get a little dangerous but hey who can’t benefit from learning some hand to hand combat. (Ha Again, but not really).



Well you can go to work out of high school and if your lucky ENOUGH to get into a position where you can advance at some point you might still want to take look into classes or certifications in your field of choice to advance yourself because without that someone who did will usually come in and take the position you where looking or hoping to get by merely being more skilled that you. You have to understand that today’s world requires skills to advance whether your an entreprenuer, business owner, rapper, athelete, or whatever because its soo many facets of life that have to be tackled and we learn from people and books to advance that.

Usually around 25 you start to mature and figure out man maybe I should have went to school as you understand there is a difference between a CAREER and a JOB.



Now this is the one that we def want to avoid and I say this because this is where I see most fall short to some degree. In a mentoring session awhile back we asked a up and coming senior to explain middle schoolers how to succeed in high school. His response was well you can’t fall behind and thats the point in life especially out of high school is to keep moving. Before I get into what nothing encompasses I want you to look around and take inventory of the people who you think as successful with the things you want or desire to have versus the people who don’t. Look at the people in terms of lifestyle, socially and financially. Overall it depends on how you want to live. Out of all these choices I would hope you wouldn’t choose this one.

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