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What is Personal Development? Up until maybe a year ago this term alluded me, I assumed that Motivational Speaking and Seminars was something akin to church without the biblical verses and sermons. If you research the term it says, “a way for people to assess their skills, talents, and qualities, consider their life aim in life and set goals to realize their potential”. Now if I didn’t know better the definition really seems like a crap load of bs.

Now let’s fast forward a bit, me, myself and I have always been a pretty progressive person. Pretty easy going and able to achieve what I wanted if I really put my mind to it. I did the pretty normal things in life, went to school, owned a home,  owned a business, always made pretty good money, took care of my kid and even traveled a little bit. To most that seem like a pretty normal above average cookie cutter life Right?

A year ago I ran into a now good friend/brother of mine who introduced to a couple of concepts even though not right off but through questions and practice that pushed me to start thinking differently. One of the things that I always wanted, cherished and chased was FREEDOM and HAPPINESS. To me, that meant the ability to do what I wanted when I wanted to do it.

I always was a hard worker like we all are right? We learn this through the normal means such as developing intrinsic value like getting paid for my time cause I wanted to be rich to do what I wanted to do. Through personal development, you learn that Riches and not just money, I’m talking overall values (personal, socially, spiritually) are developed totally differently through mindset and actions that aren’t always taught in school. Maybe in some schools but none that I’ve been to recently lol.

I think that overall we all want to be better but sometimes we get stuck or sometimes we don’t even know we are stuck because we are blind to the fact. I speak about this in my Glass, No Glasses – The Power of Clarity blog post. There are a couple of things that you can start to change up that will instantly start getting you different results. When I say instantly I don’t mean in a second, I’m talking more about giving 30 – 90 days and watching the quality of your life improve my making small changes that will change the direction you were headed in.

Formal education, the kind that is taught to us by normal means in grades K-12 and college that merely prepare us to make a living in this world. When things change we are often caught with our pants down because its cookie cutter and everyone relies on the same strategies to survive. When you tap into self-education it allows us to be true to ourselves which I think is more dynamic. We all like different things, do things different ways so boxing people into one curriculum is add odds with the world itself.

A month ago while on a plane ride to Los Angeles, I had a layover in Denver and I started talking to an older guy about different stuff, you know the normal meeting random meeting in the sky kind of talk. We talked about life in Denver since marijuana became legal, shared thoughts on family and other random things. I eventually got to ask him what he does for a living and told me that he had just purchased and owned the world largest toy train company. My first thought and reply was like whhhaaattt…. what made you purchase that? He said that he always had an affinity for trains and had worked in the train industry for years.

I said all that to say that I seriously doubt that he decided to pursue that in college even though I don’t know it for sure. I do know to ascend to the point of owning the world largest toy train company contains a mix of imagination, skills, and love for what you do and I thinks what self-education does for you.

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“Success isn’t something you chase, it’s something you attract by becoming what your supposed to be”

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