The Beginning

What prompted this journey, this book or blog endeavor? Over the years I always wondered how could I help? What are the some of the 1st steps in hindsight to actually helping my young brother’s get a hold on life? I ask people and everyone provide different solutions whether it be classes, workshops and mentoring so assist with outreach to the you generation much of them with great success. So I decided why not me put some skin in the game? I’ve been there, I’ve learned a little bit and can offer some assistance in thought to the youngins. My education isn’t in child development but I did raise a kid as a kid and I have cousins and friends that have questions about how to enhance our children development. Looking at the state of today’s community especially our young people I think the root stems on the basis of positive decision making and really at its core not knowing what to do. What choices do I have and how do tackle them. I don’t profess to be a prophet or have all the answers but I can speak from what I have done and what I know. Our schools fails to teach what really we need early enough even to get good grasp on life. If our parents weren’t fortunate enough to become educated by the elders we sometimes lack the essential skills of basic social survival.  So this book is here to provide an outline of concepts what I call the the Paper, Scissors, Rock method. I think it provides a look at the choices that we have to make where the crossroads actually begin to give of a fighting chance and a start of understanding of where one could start to get it together and keep it that way. Personal Development, Education, Financial Literacy, Technology, and business lingo at it’s root is in my opinion our first step to get it right in the areas of entreprenuership, starting small business, shopping with our own outside of the realm of just ‘entertainment’. So sit down grab your the beverage of your choice and take a ride with me.

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