Thursday’s ?!?

This morning as I walked into the building as every morning running late for my 8 am meeting that is held every Thursday with the District Attorney to brief his administration and the prosecutors on what’s going on in the Office. When walking into the building before 8:30 am protocol says that you must show your badge to the Sheriffs to ensure that your an employee or a juror. If you don’t fit the criteria you can’t come into the building until 8:30 am which is understandable due to security reasons. In customary fashion, the sheriffs ask to see my badge and I’m always peeved because these are the same people I see every morning and deep down I’m like why, and why do I even deal with this. Either way, I keep it going because I’m working on my business and I’m actually learning a lot with adds VALUE. I understand everything matters, and every new disciple effects all my other disciplines. I pay attention to what I’m becoming and being that I get to manage a law firm from an IT perspective and learn law from the criminal justice point of view with I’m sure will increase my value in coming years.

I’m usually on time but this morning after my run and meditation I kind of forgot what day it was because of my fun-filled previous day which consisted of a busy day at work, followed by a new found Wednesday gym basketball game, a inspirational call about how my brother just acquiring another contract for his growing business, a consulting call, and a team meeting with my mentoring group and watching the NBA Finals all night. So my mind is already reeling from the good things that are happening from all the studying that I’ve been doing.

As I arrive about 5 minutes late I run into a packed house and everyone standing outside because the room can hold only maybe 80 people and there is an influx of people due to the new interns being in the office. As with all new lawyers and employees, the interns must introduce themselves in front of the current lawyers. The interns read off their names and talk about what school they attend (undergrad, masters, or law school) and grade level. This morning it looks a little different for me as it resembles an assembly line in my mind very similar to corporate America. It’s the place where everyone is the same and follow the same routine, wear the same wardrobe week over week just like everyone else. They arrive in the morning looking fresh and leave at 5 pm or later in the evening looking relieved. It scares me sometimes to even think that is me and I participate. When I talk corporate or job’s it’s really not meant to be disrespectful. It feeds my family and my business daily, but I also strongly believe that its life outside of work and we should be able to enjoy MORE of that.

Job’s don’t leave much time for you to be excited in your real life, I also believe that it doesn’t take 40 hours to do a job at a workplace. It’s just acts as a time killer because of well that’s the way it has always been. I use to work at Delta and I worked from home 2-3 days out of the week from a laptop and made more than I make now. The internet also allows you to leverage your skills if you can find a problem to solve. That’s the key and can be difficult. I have a couple of things that I’m working on that leverages the internet.

When I leave the unusually short meeting and sit down at my cushy law job in downtown Atlanta in my big office with a big 70-inch television in front of me. I still feel unsatisfied, probably because I know the difference. After all my travels and what I see how it compares to the assembly line life, I think that it has to be another way of life. How do I know? Cause I’ve lived it before this time it will be on another level.

“The question you should be asking is not “What Do I Want?” or “What are my Goals” but “What Excites Me?.”

” The Sky’s the Limit”

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