The Funny Thing about Pain…

2:24 am on Tuesday night writing a blog post, and I plan on waking getting up at 5am to run and do my normal routine. I start to feel a little discomfort because I know I still have to go to work and perform, and my day likely won’t end until hmmm 9:30pm tonight. Just to wake up and do it again. A thought crosses my mind and it’s discomfort. Little bit of PAIN…

What is Pain?!? Well to name a few for myself:

  • Having a kid early, being a single dad and confused inside because it was considered abnormal
  • Walking 25 minutes to and from the bus stop every morning and night for a year in a effort to change my life
  • Going to college and actually finishing twice
  • Getting up at 5am every morning to run
  • Reading books I kinda really don’t want to read because I’d rather be doing something else
  • Staying up late to figure out what’s wrong with the query I wrote earlier that day, for a report that’s due tomorrow.
  • Running a business for years, doing everything and sometimes not making any money and trying to figure out how to employees and rent gone get paid.
  • Writing blog posts to share my story
  • Doing things that I don’t want to do..

Then after I make my list and read thru it, these are the same thing’s that helped me to grow. I thought back to a recording that I heard awhile back that was done by the former Baltimore Raven and Hall of Famer Ray Lewis. He had a profound message about “PAIN”. He said that PAIN is tricky! It has 2 sides one side, is that part that’s hurtful and uncomfortable initially and causes us to retract and not go any further when embarking on our dreams. The other part of PAIN is called EFFORT and if you can find away to push thru, it produces the actual result we seek and causes us to GROW. It sets that stage for the next level.The reason why most don’t reach the GOAL is because the first time you slightly felt PAIN you gave up because it felt like it was too much.

It reminds me of the initial conversation I had with my mentor about him going to bed around 10pm and waking up at 3am every morning to get his life together, of course he used other terms that I’ll discuss in my E-book but for this I’ll keep it simple. I remember my response was maaan HOW the heck do you do that? WHY would you do that and WHEN do you actually sleep? After he explained his reasoning I thought in my head man you got that. I’ll do the other stuff, I NEED MY SLEEP!

After maybe 2 weeks of going thru some planning and lifestyle design with him I started to wake up early and it was PAINFUL. I had to argue daily with myself and that internal argument actually let to the thought process behind the 3 SECOND RULE blogpost. The point I’m making is that it’s still PAINFUL as of yesterday morning but it has been one of the BEST changes that I’ve made in my life and has allowed me to better control my day.

Now as review my list it doesn’t look very painful anymore. It has changed my mindset it regards to uncomfortable decisions and choices that can lead to growth. Now I want to read more books, want to attend more trainings, write more blogposts because me sticking with it ultimately makes me better. That’s what life and this Personal Development journey is all about. Success is a constant state of pushing yourself to produce the best possible results you can get from yourself. I encourage you to write down your “PAIN” point filled list for yourself and see how previous tasks or trials you once thought was unforgiving made you a better person after it was said and done.

One thing about Life, it is HARD and you have to reach down deep enough and understand that YOU have to just get BETTER!

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