Hustle and Motivate

Life Disciplines You. Life Humbles You. Life Teaches You to Respect It.


That’s just the way it is– Period!


Over the years, I’ve learned through the triumph and disaster to succeed in business. The difference: Preparation. It’s never about how much money you make, compared to what you become in the process to success. One of my favorite sayings is, “YOU DON’T MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS, YOU BECOME A MILLIONAIRE!” You have to read, research, and take inventory of the lessons  learned in your failures, how did you bounce back, what is your vision, and how can you make something from it CONSTANTLY.


I would recommend starting with these questions:


  1. Decide what do you want?  Ask yourself what you really want; do you want to own a business, get married and have kids, own a house, a penthouse in the middle of downtown, travel to different countries, or just fish all day?


  1. What matters most to you? Take what you want and put them in order from 1 -10.


Now when you list these steps, I recommend that you take a inventory before you go off just trying to achieve these things. First, I would like you to evaluate yourself and state of mind right now. Think about are currently the yourself Best Version of Yourself right now?


Do You or Are you?


  1. Healthy – Do you workout and eat right consistently or even try?
  2. Emotionally – Do you consistently seek to spend more time with who and what matters most
  3. Education – Do you take 10-15 mins per day at least to read a good book or listen to a good Audiobook/Podcast or some sort of educational positive content (Extra programs, YouTube, books, instagram)
  4. Spiritually – Take 10-15 mins to step away from the noise to take time for yourself and listen to your thoughts?


What do you think are some good ways to acquire skills these days? (Educate Yourself)


Hopefully, you are doing some mix of options above as I believe these are essential to achieve the steps you listed in the first exercise.


Pleasure Principle vs. Happiness Principle


To achieve these steps, I’ve found one of biggest hurdles to getting what you want out of life is the ability to delay gratification. People usually love change but hate transition and a mindset change will require transition. It takes at least 90 days to get your mind right and change some of the habits that you’ve acquired and believe me it will be difficult but stick with it. People with changed mindsets are willing to delay gratification to build a “Bigger Future”. People stuck in a recycled mentality look for pleasure and pleasure can’t be sustained past the event that is causing it. You must remember that the “Real Value comes from Sacrifice”.


Get Rich Formula

One you’ve gotten some sort of routine going we can start to think about how to create some moola. When I think of money, I try my best to think BIG. I’ve earned some BIG money in my life and as I think of the lifestyle, I desire the Law of Effection comes to mind. It’s defined as the more lives you affect in a entity you control in scale or magnitude the richer you become. It has 2 essential components.


Magnitude – Great Impact on a Few –  Money

Scale – Slight impact on Many – People

Billionaire – Great Impact on Many


Units Sold (Scale/People) 1000 *  $5 (Unit Profit/Money) = 50,000 ( (Magnitude)-


This is the reason that entertainers/athletes, internet entrepreneurs are able to get rich fast due to the law of Effection. They are able to meet one of these criteria.  I’ve found that if you want a lifestyle that fits that criteria you have to develop strategies that will allow you amass income at the level that supports it.


I would say a couple of skills I would work to learn first is:

  1. How to find problems and create solutions to them. How to help people
  2. How to sell.
  3. How to reach your target market (advertising/marketing).
  4. Internal human behavior – being self-aware, understanding how you work.
  5. External communication skills – understanding how other people work and are driven.
  6. Understanding the universal system as a whole – how the world works, so you can flow with it

7 . How to gain specific industry experience.


Please comment below and let me know what you think..

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