Jamarc Hurd is a Atlanta based Modern Executive with 15+ years of experience in Entrepreneurship and Information Technology. Through several start-up business launches, consulting opportunities and executive level experiences with Delta, Home Depot, Fulton County Government just to name a few. Jamarc found that at the core of all of these invaluable business ventures, relationships mattered most.

Jamarc is an advocate for building and maintaining meaningful relationships. Through relationships emerges the next level of success. As a information technology and business consultant, Jamarc is committed to partnering with startups and businesses within the legal, tech and operations industries to help them improve processes by staying abreast of current technology. Also ensuring that the current critical business solutions result in low churn and high net revenue retention rates by paying attention to and capturing core metrics such as monthly recurring revenue, gross margin percentage, lifetime value and customer acquisition cost, daily and monthly active users, and conversion rate etc.

Finding himself in meetings with some of the most prominent figures in the community, to building trust amongst the youth through mentorship, Jamarc focuses his every move on fostering Social Currency: the idea that connections – digital and offline – serves to be the driving force behind his success. It is not only what you know, but who you know that builds trust, increases wealth, and expands one’s knowledge base.