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Data Analytics Strategic Plan

If you’re looking to build out a data product for your business, this SINGLE USE CASE STUDY will produce RESULTS. This is a 4-week project.

Data Analytics Strategy Comprehensive Plan

With this 6-month project, we’ll build you a comprehensive data product with for TWO or THREE USE CASE STUDY of your choosing.

Data Consultants

Organizations that need reliable data leadership on a long-term basis can hire us for 6-month terms.

Past Clients Include

About Jamarc Hurd

My name is Jamarc Hurd and I am a Data Scientist Executive that specializes in in Advising and Technical development, I started Hurd Consultants and Analytics back in 2015 and since then I’ve consulted for various Fortune 100 Companies.

I am a Modern Executive with 15+ years of experience in Entrepreneurship and Data Analytics. Our Mission is to allow you to run your business and help business identify and leverage technical assets more strategically to increase the companies bottom line by making better use of their business data.

For over 10 years and through several start-up business launches, consulting opportunities and executive level experiences I’ve delivered technical plans and business results for both government and private sectors corporations. I’ve help small, medium, large and global companies by developing strategic plans to deliver satisfactory results and meet objectives. So Welcome!

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