Digital Transformation and Business

Digital Transformation and Business is a buzzword that is thrown around the pretty regularly these days and I’ve often struggled to get a complete understanding of what it means. How would I explain Digital Transformation to a small businesses, executive or decision maker? It turns out Digital Transformation is a framework designed to help IT to think and run like a business instead of being viewed as a cost center. especially with the emergence of social media, online communities, and digital products. As companies seek to transform and digitize business to create operational efficiency and new business opportunities omni-channel communication and service is key.

Social Media will be used to enhance and promote brands online. Social Media allows for the use of technology to enhance in-person conversations and integrating data can provide more personalized sales and customers service or even to offer customized packages.

Online Communities helps to provide an additional touchpoints which can enhance customer service. Companies with multiple channels to customers are experiencing pressure to provide an integrated experience. Multichannel service requires a change in thinking and change across customer experience and internal operational process.

Digital Products includes thinking of ways to change of business models by finding ways to substitute physical products with digital offerings and to use digital to share content across the organization. This can be also done by introducing digital products that complement physical product offerings.

Digital Transformation will take strong leadership to drive change across an organization. It will also take a strong vision to transform businesses. Whether its the way individuals collaborate, the way business processes are executed within and across the organization, or the way a company serves it customers companies are increasingly changing from national and global companies.