Data Science Implementation



We use process development, data management, reporting and customized solutions to solve business problems.


We understand that technology is a tool within the larger context of your business operation. Our primary goal is to find innovative ways for technology to solve complex business challenges.


We use the power of data to close the gap between IT and your business strategy. We specialize in balancing strategy, design and technology within budget,time and resource constraints. We help IT evolve with dynamic business needs to meet KPI’s.

Convergence of Strategy, Design and Technology

We help to close the gap between IT and business strategy. This helps you align your business KPIs with a technology strategy.

Past Client Testimonials

Jamarc Hurd is without a doubt one of the most intellectually gifted people that I know in the world of data. One of the first times I met him he was discussing the impact of my work and implored me to look at the statistics behind each and every PR campaign that I launched. I saw that in a very short time I helped the Fulton County District Attorney grow his reach on Facebook from 200 a post to over 180K organically. A year later, I walked away from my job. My experience, talent, skill, and expertise had never been validated in real time like that, until I met Jamarc.

Jamarc knows his stuff. He’s a talented data scientist that can revolutionize not just your business, but also your industry. And you’ll be leading the group.
Dontaye Carter

My name is Bell (fitness motivator/lifestyle coach) and I’m the founder of a brand called “Living Well With Bell. It is a company that educates and motivates individuals on health, exercise and mindset. What makes this brand different is the clients not only receive meal plans and workouts virtually, but they are educated weekly and tools are sent explaining the importance to incorporate those things into his or her lifestyle. Living Well is not only about exercise, but most importantly what a person thinks and eats,

I needed guidance on how to manage the business side of the brand 100 percent.  The business with operations and administrative is what causes it to become successful with making the customers happy. I soon reached out to Jamarc who I have known for over 5 years. He was always professional when I gave him business which is why I hired him to organize my brand. The first week he sent an email explaining the steps he would take to make sure deadlines were met and how to increase my income. Jamarc asked me two questions after he was hired, “What do I want to happen within the next 3 months with this company and how can he assist me?”

Currently, my sales and clients has increased 1000% signed over the last 6 months. The reason is because upon signing up, various links and software systems have been put into place to collect data, and that information is used to make actionable decisions.  I just want to say thanks Marc for taking my company to another level and your business was greatly appreciated. I look forward to working you on the next step and I recommend anyone to you who feels like their business is cluttered and may need organization. You are the perfect guy for the job. 

Chameka Bell

Past Clients Include

About Jamarc Hurd

My name is Jamarc Hurd and I am a Data Scientist Executive that specializes in in Advising and Technical development, I started Hurd Consultants and Analytics back in 2015 and since then I’ve consulted for various Fortune 100 Companies.

I am a Modern Executive with 15+ years of experience in Entrepreneurship and Data Analytics. Our Mission is to allow you to run your business and help business identify and leverage technical assets more strategically to increase the companies bottom line by making better use of their business data.

For over 10 years and through several start-up business launches, consulting opportunities and executive level experiences I’ve delivered technical plans and business results for both government and private sectors corporations. I’ve help small, medium, large and global companies by developing strategic plans to deliver satisfactory results and meet objectives. So Welcome!

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