Intro to Python



About This Workshop

In this workshop, you’ll learn Python, a popular and widely used programming language. Python is a great beginner language that is quick to learn and extremely versatile.

This workshop will take absolute beginners through the basics of Python to an ability to write code with confidence — and start programming immediately.


  • Learn how to operate using a text editor and terminal.
  • Learn how to write your own Python code that will be able to iterate over data sets.
  • Understand how to think like a programmer and become comfortable with Python’s syntax.
  • Create code to solve every-day real-life problems.


You must have basic technical aptitude and orientation to computers, and curiosity to learn new tools. Willingness to learn about a text-based/principle driven analytic tool with little real GUI support, and determination to push through the natural frustration of confronting new concepts. This workshop is taken completely online. We will provide login information and a link to the platform on the day of the session. You will need a computer and a strong internet connection.




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