Your Next 120 Months 

 Vision Board

Why should you create a Vision Board you ask? A couple of friends, my son and I decided to get together to create a one of these because of some of the problems below. I consider myself and my friends alike to be pretty smart individuals but as we all know that doesn’t automatically produce results. Conceptualization is the key to goals! You got to see what you want to ultimately achieve it.

1. You always set new goals but have a huge lack of actual follow through

2. You have no idea how or where to start in order to make your goal a reality

3. You are comfortable with only “wanting” something so you continue to tell yourself that will never happen for me.

4. You have trouble organizing the ideas in your head,

5. You constantly feel defeated by negative people in your life

6. You have tried just keeping a list of your goals but continue to struggle to accomplish them.

7. It’s a New Year and you just want to do something that is different from what you did in 2016.

I challenge you to get a piece of paper and imagine what your life would be like w/o fear of failure and write it down. When you write you should write like your life depends on it because it does. Put your entire heart into it! The more detail you put into it the better off you will be.

Let’s set the scene first. It’s whatever to day is 10 years in the future (ex Winter 2027). Now answer the following questions.

  1. Where do you live ? (City, Suburbs, Farm, Etc)
  2. What do you live in ? (House, Condo, Apartment, Penthouse)
  3. Do you have pets ?  (What kind (dog,cat), color, kind)
  4. Who do you live with ?
  5. Do you have a spouse ? ( Tell me about them)
  6. Do you have kids ? (What are they like)
  7. What kind of furniture do you have? (Color, Type)
  8. What kind of bed do you have ? (What color are the sheets?)
  9. What kind car do you drive ? (Color, kind)
  10. What kind of clothes do you wear ?
  11. Do kind of toys or cool things do you have ? (Boat, Aquarium, Technology)
  12. What are you reading?
  13. What kind of career do you have ?
  14. How much money are you making ?
  15. What is your health like ?
  16. What excites you?
  17. What does a day in the life of yours look like? (From when you wake up and brush your teeth till you go to sleep at night)

After you write this down in a journal you should read once a year over the next 10 years and watch the magic happens!