Websites & Content
Create Your Brand and Define Your Services

Your website will create a measure of credibility for referral sources and a sleek experience for clients. Hurd Consultants provides elegant websites that define your practice area, community, and firm as the foundation of your marketing.

Website + Website Content

six pages of development:
home page, about your company, about the team,
products, blog, and contact
Any combination of four pages of website content:
home page, about the company, a professional bio,
and a product area description

Website Content Enhancements
for your website content

Professional Personal Bio

Product Description

Website Content A La Carte
for your own website content

Professional Bio

Practice Area Description

Law Firm Blogging
Educate Your Clients and Align Your Referrals

Your blog will enhance your website’s search ranking and educate readers with substantive subject matter. Atlanta Legal Marketing provides legally accurate and ethically compliant blog articles to attract new clients and align referral sources.

Monthly Blog Articles
Articles include:

editorial planning, legal research, keyword research, writing the 500-750 word article, selecting and optimizing an image, and formatting the blog for posting.

One Blog Article
per month

Two Blog Articles
per month

Three Blog Articles
per month

Four Blog Articles
per month

Blogging Enhancements
for your Atlanta Legal Marketing blog

Quarterly Analytics Reporting
per month

Social Media
Cultivate Your Relationships and Refine Your Message
Your social media will refine your message and engage your audience. Hurd Consultants  creates a professional social media presence that drives traffic to your website and cultivates your relationships.

Blog Promotion
per month

three posts per week on three platforms:
Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+

Article Curation
per month

one post per week on three platforms:
Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+

News and Updates
per month

up to ten posts per month on three platforms:
Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+
Social Media Enhancements
for your Atlanta Legal Marketing social media

Facebook Ads
$250 + AdSpend
per month

Quarterly Analytics
per month
Social Media A La Carte for your own social media
Social Media Profile Creation and Optimization

Create and Optimize three social media platforms:
Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+



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