My name is Jamarc Hurd.

I am an Innovator and Well Respected in the field of technology.

The number of African Americans is Tech is startling but not as startling as my rise to where I am. (Get stats, talk about growing up)

Next: that’s why social currency is important because it shows it’s not about what you know but who you know. I’m an example that regardless of where you’re from if you get the credentials and network hard enough there’s not a door that won’t open. That’s why I created the QuickExpunge App. There are a lot of people who made mistakes that they’re paying the rest of their lives for. I understand it because I was always one mistake away from being there.

My ability to innovator is liberating people. Housing, employment, the right to vote is what I am about. Dr. King had a dream— but I am the reflection of his vision in a world where every person has a fair opportunity to grow and provide for their families.

Opportunity is the only thing that can change someone’s life. And opportunity is the only one that can give someone thing that’s what we’re providing.


Check it out here…QuickExpunge.