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PowerMyLearning in Greater Atlanta is an education nonprofit that partners with underserved schools to support 21st-century learning so that every student succeeds. Our partnerships with Title I elementary and middle schools enhance home and classroom learning environments by:

·         Providing students and families with a free personal laptop home learning system, complete with Microsoft Office and learning software as well as digital training at no cost.

·         Educating families on how they can use these tools to help their children learn.

·         Coaching teachers on how our technology can help them serve every student wherever they are in their learning.

The Advisory Board supports the growth of PowerMyLearning by focusing on expanding the involvement of young professionals in the Greater Atlanta area.

The 2019 Advisory Board terms begin May 1. Its members include:

  • Omid Elyaskordi, Project Manager at IBM (Co-Chair)
  • John DeShazer, Managing Consultant at LogicSpree (Co-Chair)
  • Courtney Simo, Director of Strategic Accounts at Optomi (At-Large Member)
  • Will Kauffman, Foundation Coordinator at Sage (Scale Impact Committee)
  • Jamarc Hurd, Data Strategist Consultant at Hurd Consultants and Analytics (Scale Impact Committee)
  • Lauren Parkerson, Senior Enterprise Data Strategy Manager at Cox Automotive (Build Awareness Committee)
  • Mandy Glidewell, Director of Marketing at CentricsIT (Build Awareness Committee)
  • Stephen Spitulski, Director of Partner Success at Build Technology Group (Secure the Future Committee)
  • Nikki Hoang, Account Executive at Optomi (Secure the Future Committee)
  • Sirita Donaldson, HR Strategic Business Partner at NCR (Secure the Future Committee)
  • Courtney Pearce, Corporate Recruiter at Visionaire Partners (Secure the Future Committee)



Jamarc Hurd

Jamarc Hurd

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My name is Jamarc Hurd and I am a Data Scientist Executive that specializes in in Advising and Technical development, I started Hurd Consultants and Analytics back in 2015 and since then I’ve consulted for various Fortune 100 Companies.

I am a Modern Executive with 15+ years of experience in Entrepreneurship and Data Analytics. Our Mission is to allow you to run your business and help business identify and leverage technical assets more strategically to increase the companies bottom line by making better use of their business data.

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